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Better Error Handling in Express.js

Due to the unopinionated nature of JavaScript, there are many ways to accomplish a single task. This can be a double edge sword, especially when working in a larger team setting. This is where processes and guidelines come into play. In this article I’m going to show you how my team does error handling in an Express.js application using an error handling middleware.

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Invest in effective brand design.

Branding is the creation of a name and symbol or design that identifies the product and differentiates it from all other similar products.

This is a marketing strategy meant to create instant recognition of a product immediately one sees either the name or the symbol of the product.

Companies invest millions of dollars in branding, and this is one of the characteristics of all known companies and products.

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Sales Vs. Branding

This one is really interesting and I have been thinking a lot about going deeper into the details to differentiate the articles I am sharing. I want to give you a piece that is going to be all about strategy and reveal some of the most important insights that I have about the difference between Sales and Branding.

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