A helping hand for injured workers

ChronWell is a platform where people who suffered work-related injuries can access resources to speed up their recovery, as well as communicating with their employer and healthcare providers.


The Challenge

First and foremost we needed to empathize with these people missing work due to injuries, understanding how they feel and what their priorities are. Then we had to make sure we built a product that is simple enough not to be overwhelming, but not so simple as to not provide the appropriate support.

Understanding our users

  1. Recently injured, with possible sequels or impairments caused by the accident. (Both physical and psychological)
  2. 75% of claims come from low-income field workers.
  3. In some cases, they are the sole/main financial provider for their household.
  4. The more serious injuries require rehabilitation and long-term treatment.

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, Lo-fi prototyping, Product discovery, Hi-fi prototyping, Customer journey mapping, Design system, Jobs to be done, Illustrations