Making the jump (ha, get it?) from B2C to B2B

We had worked with Jampp back when they were just a scrappy startup fighting for a place at the grown-up’s table. Our challenge was to re-think the brand we once knew into something bigger, more mature, and more professional. We worked on their logo and brand identity, as well as their mobile and desktop sites.


Redesigning our own designs

We had to make certain adjustments and tweaks in order to convey a proper B2B image. We did as many tests as we could within the given timeframe and eventually came up with a lighter, smarter version of Jampp’s logo.


Color scheming

To go with the updated personality, we decided to take a look at Jampp’s former palette and came up with a couple of alternatives rooted on the wide variety of color that was present on their website.

Type usage

We chose Roboto for the company’s new image because it’s a highly reliable typeface, proven to be perfectly readable in all sorts of screens and devices.

Finding the right style

Show, don’t tell

We used illustration as a friendly, clean way of communicating several of the site’s features, as well as a way of accompanying User’s throughout the platform. Deciding on a style was no easy task, but we were extremely satisfied with the end result.

Iterate, iterate, iterate. (Iterate, iterate.)

We developed five style alternatives before landing on the right one for Jampp. The goal was to create a language that allowed us to share the abstract values, technical features, and concrete characteristics of the company, as well as meeting their aesthetic standards.