Extreme makeover

Pixel2HTML is an online service that brings web designs to life effortlessly. Users upload their designs and get them back as working websites, ready to be published. We needed to make the nature of the service clear to all kinds of users. This wasn’t simply a marketing site, but a tool that would help clients from the very first step, and we needed to give it a human touch.


Our approach

We started with an exhaustive look at the brand, the site, and the project’s goals. From that, we went on to craft a unique brand identity that would define the voice and tone in which Pixel2HTML would approach users, as well as a new set of visual elements


For the UX stage, we explored two different alternatives. They were two valid ways of presenting the service’s storytelling, with differences in information architecture and narrative resources. In the end, we chose the one on the right.


How it all came together

We crafted a new UI kit to go with the UX structure we had chosen earlier and applied it all throughout the website’s structure. You can check out the whole thing below