Petersen Group

Project summary

Redesigning the UX and UI of four banks (Banco Santa Fe, Banco Entre Rios, Banco San Juan, Banco Santa Cruz) with Contenful CMS integration, which through its modular and component-based design, allows the creation of new landings, or content without requiring technical knowledge.


3 Product Designers4 Developers1 QA Analyst1 Project Manager


8 months


Benchmarking Report, UX Architecture, Design System, CMS, Source Code

Tools applied


Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking User & Product discovery User interviews Usability testing Information Achitecture Lo-fi prototyping Hi-fi prototyping.

The Challenge

We had the great challenge of achieving a modular and scalable design, and a system that would manage the content of the four banks, in an easy and flexible way, building a library of components to cover the needs of all products and services.