Raised Real’s service

Raised Real’s service enables parents to feed their children nourishing, flavorful homemade meals in a matter of minutes.

We teamed up with Raised Real to develop a custom eCommerce platform that caters specifically to their users and business model, from tracking users and orders to managing subscriptions and delivery preferences.


Happy and Nervous


• Kid starts eating solids

• Slowly trying out new recipes

• Cancelling their subscription


• Considering most convenient way of cancelling

• Looking into solutions similar to RR



Raised Real’s business was growing fast. They had been managing subscriptions and deliveries by hand as an MVP, and were looking to now develop a custom platform that could grow with them. Our tech solution involved developing a custom eCommerce platform that adapted to their 14-day delivery schedule and automatically updated and generated delivery orders.

This was complemented by a backend and admin system to help process, manage, and update all customers’ billing and payment information, as well as their subscription details. Lastly, we implemented integrations with various payments, logistics, marketing, and support services that enabled a whole new level of customer experience